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Written by Lauren Loftus Category: Web Extras Issue: November 2017
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We asked: What compels a man to compile the world’s largest storeroom of 3D advertisement memorabilia? What will happen to a couple’s meticulously catalogued collection of salt and pepper shakers? What could this man possibly need with a $700 bottle of hot sauce?

Now we want to hear from you, PHOENIX readers. Do you have a collection that defies expectations? Tell us about it for a chance to be profiled in this web extra. Fill out the form below and upload a photo or two of your collection. We will review submissions and compile an online photo album. It’s our own collection of sorts.

To get you started, here's an example from Phoenix tastemaker and mixologist extraordinaire, Travis Nass, and his wife Chianne, who own more than 300 retro tiki mugs:

tikicollection 0Name: Travis and Chianne Nass
Where do you live in the Valley? North Phoenix
What do you collect? We collect all things tiki, but mainly ceramic tiki mugs.
How many pieces do you have? Over 300… we lost count.
When did you start your collection? It was a slow build. Chianne and I both worked for Benihana – where we met – which sold ceramic mugs for some of their specialty drinks. One of our first dates was at Drift in Scottsdale, we went there a lot, and when they closed we were able to buy several mugs from them. After Chianne worked for Trader Vic's, we started getting a lot of mugs as presents and souvenirs from trips, and by the time we attended our first Tiki Oasis (an annual convention in San Diego of all things Polynesian Pop) we had enough mugs that we had to start getting selective with the mugs we purchased since we were running out of places to put them!
Why do you collect? Tiki mugs are beautiful pieces of artwork in and of themselves, and there are so many artists that we love, it is an amazing way to be able to take home a little bit of their artwork. There are also so many amazing tiki bars around the country we have visited, mugs are a great way to remember the fantastic experiences we have had on all our trips!


Where do you live in the Valley?
What do you collect?
How many pieces do you have?
When did you start your collection?
Why do you collect?

Please share of to three (3) Photos of your collection!

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