The PHOENIX editorial team tallies the amount of wine consumed, speeding tickets issued and sunburns endured on our coastal travels for Escape to the Coast. No one said travel writing was easy.


Written by Editorial Staff Category: Web Extras Issue: May 2017
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Travel writing is a definite perk for our staff, but it ain’t all beach days and spa sessions. We rounded up our odd encounters and mishaps from our Escape to the Coast reporting for a by-the-numbers chronicle of our California misadventures.

# of speeding tickets: 1

# of minutes spent on hold with a certain LAX-based car rental company in a futile effort to replace a defective Grand Cherokee: 52

# of borderline road rage incidents: 4

# of times we got lost: 15

# of sunburns: 2

# of naked men spotted during an accidental excursion to a nude beach in San Francisco: 3

# of personal “thumbs up” pics taken in front of the Facebook headquarters sign: 4

# of times we had to try cucumber despite despising it: 2

# of times we unknowingly ingested sea urchin before taking a closer look at the menu: 2

# of tourist trap restaurants we fell prey to: 2

# of times extra food was turned down by a homeless person because he was vegan: 1

# of bottles of wine consumed: 10+

# of instances of wine-fueled attempted flirting with a former teen heartthrob’s father: 1

# of times a tasting room manager described a Rhône-style wine as “minerally”: 8

# of unruly bachelorette parties at wine tastings: 2

# of bad reactions to hotel soap: 1

# of puffs on an asthma inhaler: 2

# of times one our partners vomited during our whale-watching excursion: 3

# of minutes slept in a Himalayan salt cave: 41

# of strange conversations with boardwalk folk at Venice Beach: 10+

# of extra days spent in Monterey because of bad weather: 1

# of selfies taken: 50+