Tieken Gallery Opens to Great Fanfare

Written by Deborah Lewis Category: Visual Arts Issue: November 2015
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Tieken Gallery / Photo by Deborah LewisPropelling the metro Phoenix art scene up a welcome notch, the new Tieken Gallery is elegant and visually stunning. Conveniently located a few yards from artist Fred Tieken's home art studio (the gallery is in his backyard) at 52nd Street and Gold Dust, this space is definitely a gratifying addition to our community.

The gallery is expansive and well-designed, with an impressive glass wall that opens to a sculpture garden set in a perfectly kept Sonoran Desert landscape. Artwork from 45 Arizona painters and sculptors blanketed the walls and grounds for the opening Saturday night, complete with a top-dog jazz trio (vocalist Judy Roberts and crew) and twirling Hollywood premiere lights.

An 80-year-old hipster who may be at the top of his own estimable art game, Tieken has spent most of his life immersed in music, songwriting, singing, producing and promoting. In another lifetime he had a "day job" as a successful graphic designer. Fortunately for all of us, these days he and his wife Gail are investing mightily into the local art scene.

Tieken's art has a history all its own, and it parallels his music. His paintings have a wry, witty quality and a social commentary punch that will make you simultaneously laugh out loud and think about things. The man is a living music history archive: His yarns include seeing John Coltrane and Miles Davis play in 1957 in a small club near Chicago, and framed covers of his own LP recordings (as Freddie Tieken) adorn his studio.

For a private showing of the exhibition or Tieken's work contact the Tieken Gallery and studio at fredtieken.com

Photo courtesy Fred Tieken

 Tieken with "Uno," a fantastical bird that recurs in his work.


"King of All He Surveys" by Fred Tieken / Courtesy Fred Tieken

 "King of All He Surveys" 30" x 24" $2,200