Painter Tara Catalano: Bring on the Meditation

Written by Deborah Lewis Category: Visual Arts Issue: April 2016
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“Heartstrings”  36" x 36" (Original for sale at Salon D’Shayn, Scottsdale)“New Age” can conjure lousy memories of a funky store ripe with too much incense, or a trippy movie scene. But, lest we forget, the so-called New Age did help popularize meditation, yoga and acupuncture long before they became available on every corner.

It also eased some Eastern calmness into our American über-efficiency, and pronounced “life balance” to be a reasonable, if elusive, goal. Artist Tara Catalano demonstrates the best of the New Age in her soothing, uplifting acrylic paintings. Her original acrylic works range from $350 to $700, and her prints start at $32.




“Intuition” 30" x 40" (Original for sale at Pita Jungle, Scottsdale)



Catalano's images evoke a deep, cleansing breath. Some of her abstracts are romantic, others have a distinctly Buddhist flavor. All of her paintings are vibrant and colorful, hinting at love and a promising future. She emphasizes healing, courage and intuition. Resting on a wall in your home, one of Catalano's works would create endless opportunities for contemplation and, yes, joy.







“Chakradance” 12" x 36" (prints available through artist)


Her work offers a soothing salve. She describes overcoming some dark times, and her work reflects her triumphs in bright colors. She leaves her personal details a mystery, which allows us to project our own struggles and, sometimes, resolutions.

Catalano graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in fine art. Her work is currently displayed in Tempe at Joyful Yoga, and in Scottsdale at Pita Jungle and Salon D’Shayn.

Learn more about Catalano and view more of her work here: