Hanging in the Man Cave

Written by Deborah Lewis Category: Visual Arts Issue: October 2015
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Photo by Davin LavikkaMan caves deserve great art on the cave walls. Unfortunately, those men who hibernate in their caves tend to suffer from some degree of taste impairment. If you have a man cave, show this blog to someone you truly trust to help you decorate.

Critical tip for those decorating a man cave: Find BIG and BOLD pictures of cars, trucks, trains, boats, buildings, sports, musicians or the rugged outdoors. Pictures of not-quite nude women and fairly obvious phallic objects may work, too, but we generally shy away from those in case the cave is open to scrutiny.

Photographs are a perfect medium for the modern man cave. They are affordable and can be printed BIG. Big is good. If the man in question has trouble identifying colors, black-and-white photographs will do the trick just fine.

Davin Lavikka's photographs are perfect to adorn any cave. Lavikka is a local fine-art photographer who works in digital, traditional film and alternative processes. His 20” x 30” prints start under $200 and he will include a handmade frame and seal the piece for a grand total of about $450. Let him be your cave man – artist, that is.


Peruse Lavikka's work at