Good Boy! Here’s a Biscuit! - Larry McLaughlin's Canine Sculptures

Written by Deborah Lewis Category: Visual Arts Issue: December 2015

Courtesy Larry McLaughlinLarry McLaughlin’s little dog sculptures think they’re big. Larry has a pack of “untitled” canine critters about 10 inches high and maybe a foot long. (The dachshund’s specs officially wiggle in a couple of inches longer.)

Prices start at $350 and, if you have a special breed in mind, McLaughlin does commissions. Having one of these sculptures greet you when you come in your door at the end of a long day has its advantages: You don’t have to pick up after it, or pay vet bills. You just have to enjoy the little guy or gal.

Courtesy Larry McLaughlin

McLaughlin’s work is technically exquisite and laugh-out-loud joyful. Using almost every imaginable material (wire, paper pulp, cement, glass, found objects) he creates a veritable petting zoo: sheep, pigs, goats, human-animal hybrids he dubs “Manimals,” kinetic sculpture (a.k.a. mobiles) and so on.

McLaughlin shows his work across the globe, and calls two cities home. One is in South-Central France. The other is in South-South Phoenix. His local gallery is Udinotti in Scottsdale, and his Phoenix studio is a paradise of repurposed art. And yes, he can be found teaching a couple of memorable workshops a year to fortunate sculpture students.

Courtesy Larry McLaughlin

Our advice? Add up the cost of the junk that currently sits in your garage just waiting to be donated and apply that toward a new art piece. Let’s all reform by investing in locally made art we adore and by giving a little boost to the Phoenix art scene.

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