Family-Friendly Art Shopping: Prints for All Ages

Written by Deborah Lewis Category: Visual Arts Issue: September 2015
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Here’s a tip: Have your kids toss those heartthrob-of-the-moment or sports-hero-of-the-moment images. Bag those kitschy decorations, or just give ‘em away.

Bedroom walls provide a cool opportunity for kids to express budding senses of style –with a bit of direction from you, naturally. Only a few of us are artists, but heck, we all can be art appreciators – collectors, even. Your offspring can collect local artwork for less than you might think, and can learn firsthand from the artist how he or she works the magic, particularly from Valley printmakers. Here are two to get you started.

Wendy Willis: The Valley teems with top-tier printmakers, including Willis, head of printmaking at Phoenix Center for the Arts. Wendy teaches classes at her home studio in her spare time. Contact her to arrange a visit – she won’t turn you away. Her vibrant outdoor settings and inviting water scenes depict how children of the desert prefer to spend their summers. Namely, wet.

“I Can Do This” Reduction Relief 8”x 6”, $150 / by Wendy Willis









“Race Ya!” Reduction Relief 9.5” x 8”, $100 / by Wendy Willis



Glory Tacheenie-Campoy: The Native artist was born into a family on the Navajo reservation. Her upbringing informs her artwork, yet myriad influences also have proved vital to her, including the poems of Robert Frost and the plight of immigrants seeking a new life in the U.S. Don’t try to pigeonhole this woman: Her work is multi-genre, and always intriguing. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


“Untitled” monotype, 1/1, $800 / by Glory Tacheenie-Campoy








“Untitled” AP solar etching, $150 / by Glory Tacheenie-Campoy


In 2001, local printmakers banded together and formed the Arizona Print Group. Learn more about their good works at