Artist Chibuzor Isiogu Brings Focus Through Glass

Written by Deborah Lewis Category: Visual Arts Issue: June 2016
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"Reflections" / custom mosaic 2'x 3' / $900She goes by the name “Glass Chi” professionally. These words – glass and Chi – combine specifically to represent both her and her art. Chibuzor Isiogu describes herself as glass-like: fragile, yet strong; the sum of the parts greater than the pieces.

The name “Chi” represents a Nigerian spiritual message: “My guiding spirit goes before me.” Her innate compassion shines through her work. It has an ephemeral quality, ideally suited to the traditional sacredness of the art form. Her pieces illuminate essential human themes like contemplation, family, connection, spirituality and Mother Earth.

Glass. It's just molten sand with a tad of soda ash and lime, cooled and formed – fundamental earth substances transformed into functional products, high art, or both. Glass can be clear, opaque, frosted, blended, streaked, or glittering metallic: cheap or pricey. Glass can be the substrate of a mass-produced drinking glass or skillfully formed into a hand-blown creation.

Glass windows frame our perceptions in our homes, cars, planes, and offices. When our eyes weaken, glasses bring them back to focus. Glass frames our visual experiences. Isiogu's glass pieces are meticulously created and complex, the overall effect serene.

"Family Tree" / custom mosaic 4' x 5’ / $2,400

 Isiogu creates traditional stained glass and intricate glass mosaics. Her stained glass custom work ranges from $100-$200 a square foot. Her rich and intricate mosaics are painstakingly composed and cost a bit more. She uses all types of glass, tiles and objects. These works can hang anywhere, inside or out.

If you want something made just for you, that truly reflects you, Isiogu does it the old-fashioned way. First, she meets with you, speaks with you at length about your vision, analyzes the space where you want the work, and presents you with several options. She is methodical and sincere, and her careful process is well worth the wait. For the less patient, she also has ready-made pieces.

Visit to see more of Isiogu's work, or contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..