• 2018 Arizona Election HandbookIt’s shaping up to be a brutal, bloody midterm election. Don’t look away – you’ll need this irreverent but informative overview to make sense of the carnage.
  • Coin FlipIn less than four weeks’ time, Krysten Sinema or Martha McSally will be Arizona’s first female U.S. senator. We look inside the most critical political race in Arizona history.
  • The Essential Guide to Drinking in the ValleyWe’re toasting to the Valley’s buzzing and ever-growing bar scene.
  • New in Las VegasLeave your casino loyalty card at home. It’s time to find some fresh thrills in Vegas.
  • Roger the Hiking CatShare your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page.
  • Tucson’s Titanic WarheadsFor two decades beginning in 1963, Tucson was ringed by 18 missile silos with enough combined might to trigger a nuclear apocalypse.
  • Community OrganizerEast Valley media magnate Steve Strickbine has amassed an empire of community newspapers. Can he save print in the Valley?
  • Deandre AytonThe Phoenix Suns’ newest player heats up on the court.
  • Just CauseA new community-based court in the East Valley aims to uplift minor off- enders instead of incarcerating them.
  • License to RideUndeterred by the fatal incident involving a self-driving Uber SUV this year, Arizona doubles down on autonomous vehicles.
  • What’s in Your…Hangar?Good Morning Arizona anchor/pilot Scott Pasmore lets us peek inside his hangar.

Valley News

Valley News

China’s Trash, Phoenix’s Treasure

How the Asian giant’s recycling ban gave Valley sustainability a leg up.

Drink This


Lila 75

Gallo Blanco’s Lila 75 is a lightly spicy Spanish take on a French 75.



TV Mom

TV and radio star Teresa Strasser “leans out” of Los Angeles and finds happiness and healing in Phoenix. ...

Food Reviews

Food Reviews

Take Me to Church

We interrupt our regularly scheduled format to bring you this glimpse of four new restaurants at The Churchill food hub in Downtown Phoenix.



Arizona Makers & Local Gift Guide

’Tis the season for gifting! And for getting acquainted with the local inventors, designers and craftspeople who are “making” it in the Valley of the Sun.



Music Notes: Appropriating Arizona

National bands are doing a little Southwestern cultural co-opting.



Deandre Ayton

The Phoenix Suns’ newest player heats up on the court.

Food Scene

Veg Out

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Get the lip-smacking vinegary kick of Buffalo wings sans chicken with Kale & Clover’s cauliflower “wings.”



Tucson’s Titanic Warheads

For two decades beginning in 1963, Tucson was ringed by 18 missile silos with enough combined might to trigger a nuclear apocalypse.


Performing Arts

Erma Bombeck: At Wit's End

The iconic columnist's daughter weighs in on this new play. ...

Top Ten Things To Do

Things To Do

Top 10 Things to Do This Week

Concerts, theater, food festivals and more!

Web Extras

Web Extras

Behind the Scenes: Booze Cruisin’

Want in on the fun of shooting The Essential Guide to Drinking in the Valley feature? This exclusive video takes you behind the scenes at The Womack, Jade Bar and more. ...



Recipe Friday: True Food Kitchen Squash Pie

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and those of us who host the feast have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to serve. But if you haven’t decided yet which pie to make, chef Taylor D...

Arizona Diamondbacks


Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary Issue

The Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniversary issue celebrates the achievements of the Valley’s Major League Baseball franchise. ...

Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness


Carry your nutritionist and personal trainer in your pocket with the Valley’s digital fitness gurus. ...

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