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Vegan Ceviche

Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Veg Out Issue: October 2018
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You won’t even miss the fish in this vegan ceviche from Farm & Craft that uses sweet golden beets instead of seafood.

For diehard ceviche fans, nothing beats a bowl of raw fish marinated in citrus juice punctuated by a bouquet of raw onions. But at healthy eats emporium Farm & Craft, you can get vegan ceviche ($11) that’s so infused with flavor you probably won’t even miss the seafood.

Executive chef Samantha Roberts endeavors to mimic the flavors of traditional ceviche, but instead of fish, she uses cubes of sweet golden beets, adding halved red cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced radishes and chunks of buttery, ripe avocado. She then marinates the salad in a chilled bath of blended San Marzano tomatoes, high-octane chiles, garlic, lime juice and fresh cilantro. “It’s almost like gazpacho,” she says.

The viscosity of the sauce holds the ceviche together without making the ingredients soggy, and the earthy beets have an alluring texture reminiscent of scallops. For scooping, Roberts provides sturdy gluten-free flax chips studded with antioxidant-packed chia seeds.

To taste the ceviche is to love it, Roberts says, adding that her challenge as a chef is to get people past the “grandma’s beets” stigma locked in their memory banks. “Golden beets have a mild flavor and work really well with other flavors because they don’t take over.”

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