Take a trip to Spain with CoR Tapas & Wine's crispy patatas bravas.

Patatas Bravas

Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Veg Out Issue: October 2016
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From pommes frites to “chips,” global versions of the humble French fry abound. In Spain, the locals load up on patatas bravas – crispy fried potatoes with a spicy, savory sauce. CoR Tapas & Wine owner Michael Corey Chan fell hard for the wine-friendly finger snacks on a visit to Spain and vowed to include them on his menu.

CoR chef Casey LaRue fries sliced, Lego-size fingerling potatoes and sets them aside. Once cooled, the potatoes are fried again and tossed with kosher salt and black pepper. “Frying the potatoes twice makes them a little crunchier,” Chan says.

Typically, patatas bravas sauce runs spicy, but LaRue fashions a milder Romesco sauce of red bell peppers, red onions, garlic, tomatoes and roasted almonds blended with a touch of olive oil. He then scatters the potatoes with local heirloom cherry tomatoes that have been roasted and blistered over an open flame, lending a hint of smoky flavor and a soft texture to offset the crusty potatoes. Pair these Latinized spuds with a house-shaken sangria and you’ll never want to dip a fry in mere ketchup again.