Artichoke Dip

Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Veg Out Issue: September 2016
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Dealing with an artichoke can be tricky business. To prepare and eat the perennial thistle, you have to navigate the thorny leaves and scoop out the fuzz guarding its tasty heart. Then again, you can skip the labor and order the artichoke dip ($11) at Artizen Crafted American Kitchen & Bar at The Camby Hotel.

Artizen’s Director of Culinary Experiences, Dushyant Singh, sears artichoke hearts in extra virgin olive oil until browned and reserves the flavorful oil for later use. He mixes the chopped artichoke with fresh local spinach and equal parts cream cheese and Crow’s Dairy goat cheese with a splash of sherry vinegar. “The goat cheese adds such a nice nuttiness to the dish,” Singh says. 

When an order comes in, the chef pops the artichoke mixture into the oven, cooks it through and tops the bubbling casserole with a crisp baby spinach salad tossed with the reserved olive oil, tangy lemon juice, pepper and crumbly parmesan cheese. Singh serves the dip with a cone of house-made Idaho potato chips fried in vegetable oil and showered with vinegar powder for an added layer of flavor. “The dish is so rich on its own, you need some kind of crunch and tartness to balance it,” he says. 

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