Tramp Stamp Waterloo

Written by Kaila White Category: Valley News Issue: January 2013
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A new business makes tattoo-removal as easy as ordering a Big Mac.

Founded by Dr. Will Kirby of Big Brother and Dr. 90210 fame, Dr. TATTOFF is a newly-launched chain of clinics that aims to make tattoo removal as easy as ordering a Big Mac. The clinics offer free consultation, removal for $49 per square inch, and free removal for a year if your tattoo doesn’t disappear in their recommended number of sessions. Their Tempe location, the first in the Valley, opened in November and offered up to 10 square inches of removal for free as a way to draw in all of those college mistakes. Consider it barbed-wire-B-gone. 740 S. Mill Ave, Tempe, 480-525-9238,