SB 1062: Thar She Blows

Written by Craig Outhier Category: Valley News Issue: April 2014
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MIXED MEDIA: SB 1062: Thar She Blows
Pretty much everyone – well, everyone not named Cathi Herrod – agrees that SB 1062 was an awful piece of legislation. Unnecessary. Impracticable. Petty. But where does the so-called “gay ban” rank in the all-time pantheon of bad Arizona laws, bills and decrees? Venn diagram time.


“I screwed up. I’m trying to make it right.”

– Arizona State Senator Steve Pierce (R-Prescott) to Capitol Media Services during blowback from SB 1062. Pierce was one of three lawmakers who backtracked on their votes in favor of the bill, which was characterized as anti-gay and discriminatory by pundits nationwide.


PHM 0414 PF16{Bike Swap}
Modeled after a similar system in Salt Lake City, the Valley’s upcoming Grid Bike Share program aims to turn us all into bike-swapping, car-eschewing commies. Sort of. The concept: 500 of these avocado-colored, Chinese-made SoBi bikes will be placed in depots, or “stations,” throughout Central Phoenix. Subscribers to the program ($79/year) can reserve the GPS-equipped bikes on a smartphone app and ride them to any other station in the system, locking the bike up for the next user. On the return home, the user simply repeats the process. Cool, right? Well, before you put your Honda on Craigslist, know that Grid Bike Share is aimed at Metro Light Rail commuters – hence, if you don’t live within a few miles of the light rail route, it’s probably not for you. Green with envy, right? The program is due to begin this spring. Tempe and Mesa are each set to launch 250-bike programs this summer. Visit for more information.


Coachella Run-Off 2014
Once again, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival is blissing out in the California desert. And once again, you’re not going. Don’t feel bad – so many of the festival’s choicest indie rock acts take advantage of the short drive to play Valley gigs, it’s almost like we have a little Coachella right here. To wit:  
Broken Bells: The union of Shins strongman James Mercer and hip-hop producer Danger Mouse is no longer a one-off side project. Tuneful space rock. Thursday, April 10, at Marquee Theatre.
Ellie Goulding: This breathy chanteuse is like Adele and Bjork’s lovechild. Wednesday, April 9, at Marquee Theatre.
Bombay Bicycle Club: World-beat Britons remind many of Arcade Fire. Monday, April 14, at Crescent Ballroom.
Foster the People: Best known for their breakthrough hit “Pumped Up Kicks.” Tuesday, April 15, at Crescent Ballroom.
Lorde: The ethereal Kiwi songbird knocked ‘em dead at the Grammys. Sold-out show, but you could probably score resale tickets if properly motivated. Thursday, April 17, at Comerica Theatre.
Pet Shop Boys: The ‘80s synth legends will tell you about East Valley boys and West Valley girls. Friday, April 18, at Marquee Theatre.
Chromeo: Danceable DJ duo is so infectious, even snow birds will bust a move. Saturday, April 19, at Marquee Theatre.
Chvrches: Ethereal Scottish synth-pop trio is the breakout band of the festival. Monday, April 21 at the Marquee Theatre.