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Written by Craig Outhier Category: Valley News Issue: July 2015
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Rescue Dog$
Good deeds aren't always cheap – just ask the Arizona Humane Society, which runs a statewide animal rescue and adoption apparatus that processes 31,000 homeless animals annually. Insiders say the society’s $17 million operating budget is insufficient to cover its many services, including pet paramedics and trauma centers. That’s why the Summer to Save Lives campaign is a such an Oscar-level happening for Valley cat and dog lovers. A season-long fundraising blitz culminating in a 3TV Pet Telethon broadcast on Saturday, August 29, the campaign extends the society’s reach to more furry critters. So pony up. Worm shots don’t pay for themselves, you know.

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“I’m having to sell my house. My family is going into hiding. They’re calling for lone wolves to behead me. That’s terrorism right here in America.”
– Anti-Islam Activist jon Ritzheimer, in the wake of his “Draw Muhammad” protest rally outside a Phoenix mosque. The former U.S. Marine later launched a GoFundMe page to raise $10 million to “protect his family.”


Vaya Con Carne
Dominic Armato, we hardly knew ye. The respected Valley food blogger debuted in print back in January – writing our Eat in All 50 States cover story, in fact – and had settled in nicely as one of our monthly Eat Beat contributors. Then those meanies at the Arizona Republic had to go and snap him up to replace longtime reviewer Howard Seftel. It’s hard to be bitter. Dom’s a super-nice fellow and fine talent. So we’ll refrain from “pulling a New Times” by publishing his photo and “outing” him as a reviewer. Wouldn't matter anyway – reportedly, the new position won't be an anonymous-critic arrangement, i.e. more reporting, less critiquing.


Grant Woods released his debut music CD the week. Yep, that Grant Woods – the one who served as Arizona Attorney General from 1991 to 1999 and may have went to bat for Fife Symington on occasion. The 10-song album – featuring blues, reggae, rock and a celebrity lineup of local musicians – is titled The Project, which is extremely unpretentious-sounding and thus much harder to make fun of than, say, Prosecutor Blues or I Object... To Losing You. Woods’ album got us to thinking about other recording projects we’d like to see from high-profile state officials.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio:
Putcha Hands in the Air. A collection of the sheriff’s favorite “deep house” dance tracks, remixed by one-time Valley resident DMX, who might have spent a little time in the sheriff’s jails, if we’re not mistaken.
Jan Brewer:
The ex-governor’s infectious Arizona Gurls (pictured) serves as a center-right rejoinder to the well-known Katy Perry hit.
Andy Thomas and Mary Rose Wilcox:
The one-time enemies bury the hatchet with their Subterra-nean Out-of-Office Blues folk duo project, financed by the latter’s near-seven-figure settlement against the county.