photo by Randy Slack

From the Hip - June 2018

Written by Randy Slack Category: Valley News Issue: June 2018
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photo by Randy Slack

“One morning in April, I awoke to a barrage of text messages asking ‘Is your studio on fire?!?’ The news channels reported 100 firefighters were battling a second-alarm fire at Fifth Avenue and Van Buren [Street]. Lucky for me, the fire was not in my studio, but across the street. As my north-facing garage door opened, the stench of smoke poured in. Cory Cunnington and [other] Phoenix Fire Department [personnel] were pulled from inside the building due to safety concerns and to go on the defensive. I watched as four hoses doused the building with gallons of water. No one was hurt, but the 51-year-old vacant fire department administrative office building couldn’t be saved… although it was already slated to be torn down for a new apartment complex.”

Valley artist, co-owner of Legend City Studios and curator of the annual Chaos Theory art show. See his work at Lux Central and on Instagram @slackrandy and @randyslackart.


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