Written by Craig Outhier Category: Valley News Issue: April 2012

• As of February 29, 2012, Alcor had 959 dues-paying members (i.e future cryonics patients), and 110 patients in cryopreservation.

• On July 16, 1976, Alcor performed its first human cryopreservation on the father of its founder, Fred Chamberlain.

• Magazine publisher Althea Flynt (wife of Hustler honcho Larry Flynt) was signed up to Alcor, but her body was not able to be preserved after her death, which resulted in an autopsy.

• Prior to preservation, members can store their possessions deep underground in a Kansas salt mine operated by Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc. - and presumably retrieve them years later when they’re revived.

• TV commentator Larry King is one of several celebrities who has discussed and tacitly endorsed cryonic preservation.