Cheers to You

Written by Craig Outhier Category: Valley News Issue: October 2015
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If anyone needs a pick-me-up, it’s a child in a hospital. That is the rationale behind Cheeriodicals, a service that distributes custom “cheer up” boxes containing treats, games and, yes, magazines to hospital patients. A portion of the proceeds benefits Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Before you ask the obvious question – “How much can a lifestyle-focused city magazine cheer up an 8-year-old?” – just remember: Sick kids aren’t the only ones in need of pleasant distractions. Their folks are, too.


Pyramid Kids
The Federal Trade Commission temporarily shut down Tempe-based Vemma Nutrition in late August, pinging the energy drink company for crossing the hazy line between multi-level marketing entity (MLM) and full-blown pyramid scheme – a fate well-known MLM brands like Herbalife (currently under investigation) and Nu Skin have thus far avoided.

Vemma allegedly targeted college students with specious claims of riches if they forked over a $600 initial investment for product and sales tools. So how can one distinguish between a pyramid and a legitimate investment? Use this handy checklist.






HOT MIC - “No matter where I go, where I travel, people bring it up. They’re using it for commercial purposes. And by the way, I’m not a public official any more.”
Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, commenting to the Arizona Republic on the unauthorized use of her image in online anti-aging ads.