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Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Valley News Issue: October 2017
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Scottsdale real estate developer Alana Mann trades the old boys’ club for an all-girls club

There are no men in the Statesman Group’s North Scottsdale office. Zero. Everyone in the corporate office, from the receptionist to the executives, is female.

“It’s not planned this way. I think it just happens,” president and owner Alana Mann says. “I think, naturally, men just get intimidated by a woman CEO in this industry. When I get responses on ads for employment, I tend to get females that respond to the ads. I think it’s just happening with osmosis.” 

In the late 1990s, Mann took over U.S. operations for the Statesman Group, the real estate enterprise her father Garth established in their native Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1976. A plucky recent college graduate at the time, Mann nixed her plans for a career in physical therapy and dedicated herself to increasing the family business’ footprint in the United States, setting up headquarters in Scottsdale. “It was sink or swim, and I was young and female,” she says of the male-dominated development industry in the Valley. “This business – it’s like taking a woman to an auto shop. [Men think] ‘They know nothing and I’m going to charge them more.’”

In the years since, the Mann-helmed U.S. Statesman Group has grown to 75 employees (there are some men in that total – contractors, foremen, etc. – but they work in the field, not in the corporate office), with plans to add 100 more through 2019. Statesman properties include the 1,568-unit Toscana of Desert Ridge residential complex in Phoenix, senior-living Manor Village Life Centers (nine locations across North America), 278 luxury condos in The Cays at Downtown Ocotillo in Chandler, hotel developments and Scottsdale’s Bella Vista, which boasts the first underground parking for a residential community in the Valley. 

“I’ve just had fun diversifying the corporate portfolio, and taking what Garth generated in Canada and bringing it south of the border and kind of womanizing it,” Mann says. “Women are great because they’re multitaskers. You can hire one dynamic female that will do the job of two to three people.” 


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Bonne Anniversaire, Local Biz
A slew of Valley companies celebrate business birthdays in October. We raise our glasses to:

Beckett’s Table – 7 years

Get Organized with Bridges – 7 years

Encanterra (Trilogy by Shea Homes) – 10 years

Octane Raceway – 14 years

E.D. Marshall Jewelers’ Watchtoberfest – 14 years

Clarifacts – 16 years

SilverSneakers – 25 years

Fairytale Brownies – 25 years

Richman & Associates Inc. – 25 years

Someburros – 31 years

Trends magazine – 35 years

The Paper Place Scottsdale – 39 years

Devereux – 50 years

Desert Mission Food Bank – 90 years