Put a little crunch in your lunch with the grilled chicken sandwich’s evil, fried sibling.

Cluck, Yeah!

Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Three Bites Issue: April 2016
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Ingo’s Tasty Food

4502 N. 40th St., Phoenix

602-795-2884, ingostastyfood.com

Fowl-eating folk occasionally yearn for something more substantial than a grilled chicken sandwich with its wimpy “lite menu” entourage of iceberg lettuce, flavor-starved tomato slices and mayo. For them, there’s the crispy chicken sammy ($7, pictured) at Ingo’s Tasty Food. Fried in refined peanut oil, the all-natural, cage-free chicken breast sits atop a nest of thinly cut granny smith apples crowned with dill pickle slices, lending both sweet and savory elements to the sandwich. Wrapped in a freshly made LGO Bakeshop bun, the crusty chicken is complemented by housemade aioli infused with chilies, tarted up with freshly squeezed lime juice and brightened by chopped cilantro.

Texaz Grill

6003 N. 16th St., Phoenix

602-248-7827, texazgrill.com

Famous for its chicken-fried steak, TEXAZ Grill extends the same loving treatment to its chicken-fried chicken sandwich ($8). Those with voracious appetites will appreciate the king-size buttermilk-battered chicken breast dredged in seasoned flour and fried until crisp. The behemoth breast overwhelms the toasted sesame seed bun, but hey, everything’s bigger in TEXAZ. Along for the ride: tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions and a ramekin of creamy gravy to fill all the crunchy nooks. Spread the pepper-flecked gravy on top of the chicken or use it for dipping. And if that’s not enough to eat, the sandwich comes with “TEXAZ fries,” code for oversize chunks of fried spuds. 


777 S. College Ave., Tempe

480-758-5322, nocawich.com

Nocawich’s “What the Cluck?” ($9) features a princely chicken breast brined overnight in buttermilk, coated in seasoned flour with a hint of cornmeal and fried to a golden brown. Sandwiched between a buttery Parker House roll made in-house, the tender chicken breast dons a knot of aioli-based coleslaw kissed with sriracha “to make it dance a little bit,” according to Nocawich owner Eliot Wexler. Under the juicy breast, Wexler plants a couple of housemade bread and butter pickle slices, giving the crunch-filled sandwich yet another dimension of texture. Rounded out with honey-Dijon sauce, this chicken-fried marvel will have you clucking its praises for days.