Recipe Friday: Miracle Mile Deli Pastrami Hash

Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Recipes Issue: November 2017
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miracle mileJosh Garcia, vice president of the family-owned Miracle Mile Deli in Central Phoenix, settles an age-old deli debate: Is corned beef more popular than pastrami? Pastrami wins by a lot, Garcia says. “We sell over 5,000 pounds of pastrami a month.”

But for the record, Miracle Mile also sells anywhere from 3,000-3,500 pounds of corned beef each month, which is not exactly small potatoes. And speaking of potatoes, Garcia has graciously shared the restaurant’s number one breakfast item: pastrami hash loaded with red potatoes.

Garcia likes the eggs to be cooked over medium because “they get a little crisp around the edge” and add texture to the dish. Most restaurants offer corn beef hash, but Garcia thinks Miracle Mile is the only restaurant locally to offer a pastrami hash. “It’s really phenomenal.”

Note: Miracle Mile is only open for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

Pastrami Hash
¼ lb. Miracle Mile’s famous hot pastrami
¼ lb. sautéed red potatoes [quartered and first cooked in 350 degree oven for 40 minutes with salt, pepper, paprika and butter; then sautéed in pan on stove]
4 oz. red onion
3 eggs, cooked to the style of your choice
2 oz. olive oil
Salt/pepper, to taste

Chop up sautéed potatoes and have them on stand by [to add in]. Sauté red onions in a frying pan and caramelize them in the oil on medium heat. Add potatoes and chopped pastrami, mixing with the onions.

Cook three eggs to your preference (over medium is recommended by Miracle Mile to best complement the pastrami hash).

Plate and enjoy.