Dr. Aristidis Pontikas

Written by Niki D’Andrea, Judy Harper, Leah LeMoine & Craig Outhier Category: Profiles Issue: August 2015
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Dental school: University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine; Baylor College of
years in practice: 12

What can people do to prevent periodontal disease?
I feel the most effective measures for prevention of periodontal diseases include faithful effective home care as well as consistent exams and cleanings by your general dentist and hygienist. The early signs of periodontal disease are readily identifiable through an exam and X-rays.

How do you stay in touch with your Greek roots in Phoenix?
For me it’s all about family. Our cultural history of hospitality and fun is always present and often spills over into the office. We have a wonderful Greek Orthodox community in Phoenix, with several opportunities to celebrate our culture.

In what instances would you recommend surgical periodontal treatment over non-surgical?
Surgical periodontal therapy is effective at treating the damage of moderate to advanced periodontal disease as well as provides the opportunity to perform regenerative techniques when possible. It also allows us access to reshape or remove any anatomical abnormalities on the bone and teeth/roots that may be contributing factors to the disease.

What is sinus augmentation and when would patients be good candidates for it?
Chronic periodontal bone loss and premature loss of the upper molars often result in minimal remaining bone for dental implants. Sinus augmentation procedures are well-documented and predictable procedures to aid in gaining bone volume in the back upper jaw to allow for proper implant placement.

What’s the funniest thing a patient on nitrous oxide has ever said to you?
Recently I had a young patient ask me to take a selfie with him once I was totally masked, gowned and scrubbed in. To my staff’s surprise I leaned in and we took the photo. It was a great laugh for everyone.

“If I wasn’t a dentist, I’d be…”
A chef. Anyone who knows me knows my passion for food, cooking and barbecue. After all, dentists and chefs have at least one common goal: to make sure you eat well.