2017 Top Doctor: Amy Shah, M.D.

Written by Editorial Staff Category: Profiles Issue: April 2017
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Integrative Medicine
Med School/Year Graduated: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2004
Years in Practice: 7

Integrative medicine is one of our new Top Docs categories in 2017. Can you tell us in layman’s terms what you do?
I help people transform their health utilizing nutrition and lifestyle modifications – along with traditional medical care for allergy/immunology. My individualized treatments can range from in-person consults [to] online health programs through my website (amymdwellness.com). I also offer people additional tools with cutting-edge treatments for gut health and food allergies. My goal is to keep you healthy before disease strikes.    

In the Valley, where it seems like everyone starts sneezing come February, how can we keep our bodies in balance this spring?
Simply keeping your doors/windows closed and taking a shower after outdoor activities is a good start. But to be honest, taking an antihistamine during this intense spring season in the Valley can be very helpful!

You stress mind-body connection and holistic wellness. How do you address the mind with your patients?
So many people are on overdrive mode and don’t pay attention to their bodies. I teach people how to tune in for just five minutes a day to help re-establish that connection.

What are the most common health issues for women?
The most common health issues I encounter for women include bloating, fatigue and uneven energy, [as well as] food sensitivities and allergies.

Do you have any particularly inspiring patients whose stories have stuck with you over the years?
I had a patient recently who completely cured their lifelong asthma in three to four months after following my diet, exercise and inflammation tips! Helping people heal from inside out is my true passion. I combine my consultations and my online programs to achieve that goal.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
You can always find me outdoors because I am a true nature lover! I am also obsessed with yoga. I also truly enjoy researching health and nutrition for a post, a patient or my upcoming book.

“If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be...”
A fitness instructor or a talk show host. I love to talk!