2014 Top Doctor: C. Gilberto “Gil” Brito, MD

Written by PM Staff Category: Profiles Issue: April 2014
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Med School/Year Graduated: University of Kansas, 1985
Years in Practice: 23

What made you interested in specializing in urology?
The variety interested me. We are surgeons but also do medical treatments. Urology has always been on the cutting edge of new technologies, from shock wave kidney stone treatments to minimally invasive da Vinci robotic surgery. I enjoy the constant advancements.

Prostate drug commercials are everywhere on TV. Has pharmaceutical treatment for prostate disease improved over the past few years?
New drugs have improved the treatment of benign prostate condition, BPH (enlarged prostrate). At one time this was only treated with surgery. Recently, new drugs for advanced prostate cancer are having dramatic results, changing a lethal condition into a more chronic disease, offering new hope.

What are the best ways to prevent urinary tract infections?
UTIs occur more frequently in women. Voiding habits can predispose you; therefore it is important not to hold your urine. If UTIs occur after sex, it is better to only void afterwards and not before. You can lessen the frequencies of infections by acidifying urine with cranberry capsules or juice.

Your family is from Ecuador. How does your cultural background enrich your medical practice?
It is not just about speaking Spanish but understanding the culture, especially with older patients. Even if they speak fluent English, caring for them in their native tongue gives them a sense of confidence in their treatment.

What do you usually tell men who have cold feet about getting a vasectomy?
That’s easy… Are you actually going to tell the woman who just delivered your last child that you are “afraid” to have a minor procedure?

“If I wasn’t a doctor, I’d be...”
A rock star, but unfortunately I can’t sing! Seriously, I would probably be in the business of medicine. Medicine is something I am passionate about and understand.