Space 55 Invites Locals to ‘Wreck the Halls’

Written by Wynter Holden Category: Performing Arts Issue: November 2015

A Bloody Mary Christmas / Photo courtesy Space 55Space 55, the downtown Phoenix theatre known for offbeat original variety shows, isn’t afraid to tread on tradition. Their annual holiday show A Bloody Mary Christmas, for example, involves a trio of foul-mouthed retirees from Sun City who spend more time getting sloshed than wrapping gifts or hanging garlands.

This year, the target is a particularly familiar symbol of holiday cheer: the wreath. Patrons of Space 55’s upcoming performances of the irreverent Christmas musical, The Revival improv show or local comic Matt Storrs will be treated to a display of handmade wreaths cheekily dubbed, “Wreck the Halls.” Participating artists are encouraged to use strange and inappropriate materials; the only restriction on entry is a 24” diameter size limit. Wreaths must also be able to support their own weight when hung on the wall.

“They can be as offbeat and Dadaist and downright vulgar as you please,” says Space 55 ensemble member Ashley Naftule, who is heading up the contest. “We're far from opposed to having ‘blue’ and questionable wreaths hanging on our walls.” Locals can drop off their kooky creations from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 2, or Thursday, December 3, at Space 55 (636 E. Pierce St.) in Phoenix.

Throughout December, Space 55 guests can cast a ballot for their favorite piece, with the wreaths’ creators remaining anonymous for a complete blind voting process. Winners will be announced at the theater’s January 2 performance of 7 Minutes Into the Future, with small cash prizes for the entries with the most votes.

Special awards for Space 55 Ensemble Favorite and the wackiest, most WTF-inducing wreath will be revealed at the announcement. Considering last year’s Weirdest Little Christmas Tree contest included tinsel bushes decorated with hair curlers and spaghetti, we can only shudder at the thought of what the mystery awards will be.