Wanna Dance? Try Valley Bar's Themed Dance Parties

Written by Jessie Martin Category: Music Issue: October 2016
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courtesy Valley Bar FacebookFeel like dancing this weekend? The place to be for local artists and enthused young hipsters, Valley Bar never disappoints for a night of boogieing.

While the Rose Room and billiards draw crowds nightly, the pull on Fridays is the rotating cast of characters that Valley Bar hosts for its collection of dance parties.

Each night a different theme, based on musical genre. Want some hipster swaying? Try SUBTERRANEAN. Like early 80s electronic or punk? How about THE FACTORY: New Wave set to the tunes of DJ Tristan, spinning The Smiths, Blondie or Pet Shop Boys. Or if you're into old school R&B ('cause who isn't?), there's IN THE GROOVE: soul dance party (happening tonight!).

Although you may see the sporadic loner sitting a table enjoying a Coors draft or Valley Bar’s ode to classic cocktails, like the “Slow & Low Old Fashioned,” most seats are abandoned in favor of the packed dance floor. Salsa, swing dancing and any kind of “oldie” dance moves are a go; as long as you can find a space to show your moves, the floor is your stage.

All of the dance parties support LGBTQ organizations, including PFLAG, Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and Mulligan’s Manor, a home dedicated to at-risk LGTBQA youth.

Where: Valley Bar
130 N. Central Ave., Phoenix
When: Friday nights at 10 p.m.
How much: $3