World Record Store Day

Our Favorite LPs on World Record Store Day (& Giveaway!)

Written by Lauren Loftus Category: Music Issue: April 2018
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World Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 21. Locally-based Zia Record Exchange, which opened its first store in Phoenix in 1980 and now has eight locations across the Valley, Tucson and Nevada, is set to throw its biggest celebration ever as records continue experiencing a phenomenal resurgence in the popular zeitgeist. 

Zia is throwing a week-long celebration to keep the WRSD party going, with live music at all locations on Saturday, plus DJs, giveaways, exclusive offers and rare LP releases. Check back in throughout the week for more special discounts and deals. All Zia locations are also collecting donations for the Boys & Girls Club through May 9, and entering donors into automatic raffle.

In honor of World Record Store Day, the PHOENIX mag editorial team picked our favorite albums. Check out our selections below and read on for a chance to win a $50 gift card from Zia Records.

Lifes Rich Pageant by R.E.M.
"Steeped in pastoral mystery and howling, hard-rocking Southern angst, it was R.E.M.'s bridge between the inscrutable college darlings they were and the out-and-proud arena band they'd become. It was also the album that showed me a bridge to adulthood, in the loneliest and most baffling part of my adolescence. Vinyl is unquestionably its natural medium, and maybe the only way to full appreciate its hi-fi/low-fi burlesque." Zia link
– Craig Outhier, Editor-in-Chief

Anything by Elvis
"My favorite record is any by Elvis Presley. My Granny has been a huge Elvis fan since her 1950s teenage years in Tucson, and she raised her children and grandchildren on his music and movies. I don't have a record player, but I own a handful of Elvis LPs that I use for home décor (it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes as well as the ears). Long live The King!" Zia link
– Leah LeMoine, Managing Editor

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
"Does anything get more hazy-dreamy-1970s-California than Fleetwood Mac's Rumours? I'd argue no. Even though I was born nearly a decade after its release, Rumors feels as relevant to me today as it must've felt to my boho Californian soul sisters in 1977. The songs, written in light of the band's interpersonal strife and break-ups, capture completely the highly specific pain of heartache and the loss of friendships. I mean, who doesn't scream-sing 'If you don't love me now, you will never love me again' whenever 'The Chain' plays? Plus, Stevie Nicks' epic witch sleeves on the cover are #goals." Zia link
– Lauren Loftus, Associate Editor

Purple Rain by Prince and The Revolution
"This was the very first vinyl I ever purchased and I still love it today for all of its killer dance tracks and beautiful, soul bearing lyrics and their intense vocal delivery. Unfortunately, the titular movie hasn't held up in the same positive way, but I'd still watch it just to catch some bonus tunes by The Time! And it would be some sort of art director crime not to mention the tangible, big-format artwork that came along with vinyl records. You get a study square of original artwork that you could hold, smell and inspect. Sometimes, you'd also get decorated sleeves and posters. The sleeve in Purple Rain had a graphic of a super close-up black and white face which intrigued me and a poster of Prince with The Revolution that was taped to my closet door for years. Vinyl offers so much more for the senses!" Zia link
– Mirelle Inglefield, Art Director

Starboy by The Weeknd
"I was going to with a classic but I’m going to go ahead and switch things up. My favorite album/vinyl is Starboy from The Weeknd. Every time I hear this album, I think about the road trip I took with my best friend to San Francisco. We drive with the windows down and sang at the top of our lungs to every song. Dancing was present, our singing talent... non-existent." Zia link
– Angelina Aragon, Associate Art Director

GIVEAWAY! Want to win a $50 gift card from Zia Records? Then follow our Facebook or Instagram profiles and tag a friend on this post who you'd take to #RecordStoreDay this Saturday. We'll randomly pick a winner on Record Store Day this Saturday!