Kaleidoscope Juice Launches Kids' Snack and Drink Line

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Menus Issue: November 2015

Photo by Julianna FrushourKaleidoscope Juice, one of the Valley's most beloved local juiceries, has expanded its roster of more than 90 products to include a new line geared toward the littlest juicers in your life.

Kaleidoscope now offers organic and raw watermelon juice, green apple juice, strawberry protein smoothie, gluten-free animal crackers and chocolate quinoa cookies, organic peanut butter and strawberry jam on MJ Bread and gluten-free macaroni and cheese with broccoli.

The expansion is a natural progression for Andrea and Alexandra Maw, the mother-daughter duo who opened the first Kaleidoscope location in Downtown Scottsdale in 2012. We asked them about their inspiration, recipe development and plans for the future. The Maws responded in a joint message.

What made you decide to branch out into kids' meals and treats?
Inspired by our customers, health-conscious and workout warrior moms and dads, we launched the Kaleidoscope Kids line to provide a fun, delicious, and the best form of nutrition for healthy kids and happy parents.

How did you develop these recipes? Did you have any input from kids in your life?
We were inspired by our clients to create high-vibe products and menu items for parents and children to all enjoy. Kaleidoscope Kids allows families to get healthy together.

Can people pick them up only at Kaleidoscope locations, or are there delivery options?
Kaleidoscope Kids' organic and raw juices and gluten-free animal crackers and chocolate quinoa cookies are available at all five locations: Downtown Scottsdale on First Ave., Optima Sonoran Village, North Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix, and in Arcadia at The Madison Improvement Club. The Madison location exclusively offers the made-to-order menu items including gluten-free macaroni and cheese with broccoli and organic peanut butter and strawberry jam on MJ Bread.

Any plans for future menu items or future expansion?
Our dream is to create a kids' lunch program to deliver healthy lunches to schools all over the Valley. We would like to get an old-school bus and repurpose it as our delivery van. We envision it as a traveling education and activity van to teach kids how to garden, compost, and other fun, interactive activities connecting kids with their food.