Wonder Mustard

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: October 2013
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Wonder Mustard


Restaurant industry veteran Steve Douds hopes his Wonder Mustard will convince you to ditch the crappy canary-yellow stuff for good.
“I’ve messed around with making mustard for 10 years or more,” Douds says, adding it took steady pressure from industry friends for him to get serious about selling commercially.

His three preservative-free flavors are thickened with pasteurized egg yolks, which add richness – a texture you won’t find in the French’s of the world. Which leaves the question: Which flavor is right for you? The Original is smooth and sweet – a good all-around choice to slather on ham sandwiches and to brighten up coleslaw. The Rough Stuff, peppered with whole mustard seeds, is terrific on brats and pastrami sandwiches, and – despite the name – is the mildest of the three. Dirty Blonde is the most pungent – and our favorite. Douds uses Chinese hot mustard powder and cracked mustard seeds to make this sinus-clearing spread.

Find Wonder Mustard by the jar ($7-$9) at Singh Farms, the Bodega, Pig & Pickle, The Pork Shop, The Blind Pig and Citizen Public House.

Wonder Mustard