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Written by Marilyn Hawkes Category: Local Products Issue: January 2019
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A mother and daughter duo create sweet confections that are totally vegan.

Photo by Angelina AragonMother and daughter entrepreneurs Mia DiDio and Lainy Kaz started vegan dessert outfit The Original Whippery in February 2018 after DiDio’s credit card company doubled her credit line. “I thought, we could go on a trip, something that would last a week, or we can get our act in gear and start a business,” DiDio says.

The pair had recently become vegan and had been preparing dairy-free desserts for their family to rave reviews. They launched their venture with Chocomora Pot de Crème ($6, 5 oz.) and have since branched out to make vheesecakes (vegan cheesecakes) and mousse, all dairy-free, low in sugar and wickedly delicious. The vegan desserts are fashioned from a blend of raw organic nuts, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, and are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Kaz says. Case in point: the Key Lime Kyoto Vheesecake, which is infused with green tea matcha, organic Persian limes and basil atop a gluten-free salted date and pecan crust. And that dreamy looking “whipped cream” on top? It’s a blend of organic coconut cream and extracted beet sugar mixed with organic vanilla.

The duo are self-taught chefs who enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and inventing unique flavor combinations that are both healthy and delicious.

Find their products at local restaurants and farmers’ markets.

The Original Whippery Co.

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