The honey-mongers at Absolutely Delightful channel the health benefits of turmeric without the bitterness.

Turmeric Honey

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: August 2017
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Absolutely Delightful, Photos by Angelina Aragon; Charlene Santiago

What healers across India have known for thousands of years about the benefits of turmeric, mainstream health experts in the U.S. are only beginning to acknowledge. With a color so deeply yellow it appears orange, turmeric does wonders for inflammation – and does nice things for the flavor of curries, juices and smoothies, too. 

One of today’s trendiest ways to consume the root is through golden milk. The drink is essentially a chai latte – milk, tea, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, etc. – but with a plentiful helping of turmeric, either dried or fresh, added to the mix. Unfortunately, the spice, while earthy and flavorful, can turn the mixture fairly bitter. 

Enter the proverbial spoonful of sugar – or honey, as the case may be. Clad in their distinctive, bright yellow “Save the Bees” T-shirts, the Valley honey-mongers at Absolutely Delightful have been selling quality honey, collected from eight local beekeepers, at farmers’ markets for more than a dozen years. Sourced from desert plants including mesquite and wildflowers, the honey comes in a variety of flavors, from lavender and peach to one rich in turmeric, bolstered by a bit of black pepper oil. The thick, opaque honey has all the turmeric you need to transform a spicy batch of masala chai, steeped in milk, into cherished golden milk. 

AD’s turmeric honey ($20 for 18 oz.) isn’t available online, but a list of its markets and schedules can be found at

— Shelby Moore



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