Sweet Pickled Jalapenos

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: August 2014
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Photo by Mirelle Inglefield; SIP Coffee & Beer Bar

Grainy black and white Westerns flicker silently across a TV screen at Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue, occasionally interrupted by the jarring clang of a dinner bell. Everyone turns to stare. Just another heaping mound of Chef Bryan Dooley's pecan-smoked 'cue – worth the drive from anywhere in the Valley. And the one constant on every plate at this cowboy-chic outpost is Dooley's signature condiment: the sweet-and-tangy pickled jalapeño.

Dooley published the recipe for the excitingly unpredictable – sometimes tame, sometimes searing – chile peppers in his 2011 cookbook, but for those of us short the two gallons of required cider vinegar, Dooley now sells his addictive little poppers in a jar at the restaurant. Flavored with copious allowances of sugar, garlic, onions, cinnamon and mustard seeds, the jalapeños are versatile in the kitchen. Chop them (discarding seeds if you're heat-averse) to use as a garnish for grilled pork or chicken, or stir into a skillet of scrambled eggs. If you're into Russian roulette, just pull the trigger and eat one straight out of the jar. ($6.50)

Bryan's Black Mountain Barbecue
6130 E. Cave Creek Rd.,
Cave Creek, 480-575-7155