Sugar Jam Cookies

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: January 2014
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Sugar Jam Cookies

From First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix to the Fountain Hills Great Fair, she’s a fixture at Valley street festivals: a perpetually smiling, perky young lady in a stylish black and gold booth. From time to time, she’ll slip off her perch to hand out bites of jam-filled sugar cookies. The persistent sugar pusher is Dana Dumas and her Sugar Jam cookies are as irresistible as her pitch. The New Jersey native perfected her sugar cookies while working in the corporate world, but when friends kept “placing orders,” she decided to go pro. After a couple of years baking at home under Arizona’s Food Cottage Law and hitting every major – and not-so-major – event to sell her cutout sandwich cookies, Dumas realized she’d outgrown her home kitchen.

Last fall, Dumas set up shop inside My Goodness Cakes on Cave Creek Road, just north of the 101 Freeway. Besides soft, chewy sugar cookies filled with jam – spiced peach, strawberry-passion fruit, lemon raspberry – Dumas makes old-fashioned pies, chocolate truffles, and has a flavored popcorn line that mimics her top-selling cookies. Sugar Jam sweets are also available at several Valley farmers’ markets and online. Cookies cost $2 for 5 or $20 to $25 per dozen.

Sugar Jam Cookies
21043 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix

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