Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: February 2015
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The French sablé – pronounced SAW-bluh – is a simple but elegant, sandy-textured butter cookie.

Rachel Ellrich Miller, owner of Pistol Whipped Pastry, had something else in mind when she created her rustic sable – pronounced SAY-bull – pastry. “Go big or go home,” the Bouchon, True Food Kitchen and Parlor pastry chef alum says. “I love butter, so my sable is extra buttery and not as dry [as a traditional sablé].” Another difference is the sheer size. Jam or marmalade is sandwiched between two 3-inch slabs of cookie dough, made with local Hayden Flour Mills flour, and baked until golden brown. The cookies – practically tarts – weigh almost a quarter-pound each.

Each sable cookie consists of an herb-flavored dough and a not-too-sweet hand-made filling. Miller loves to play with seasonal flavors (think sage and cranberry for Thanksgiving, mint and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, and tarragon and grapefruit for winter). Her best seller – and our favorite – is thyme and pineapple marmalade. Tangy pineapple and tart lemon flavors cut through the buttery cookie, and the thyme-flavored dough lends a slight herbal note. Rosemary lovers will appreciate the pine-scented rosemary and blueberry jam sable.

Order the cookie-come-tart online ($18 for 6) and find an array of Pistol Whipped pastries – from s’mores kits to granola bars – at Wedge & Bottle in Ahwatukee, the Coffee Cantina at the Heard Museum and First Draft Book Bar inside Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix.

Pistol Whipped Pastry

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