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Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: March 2014
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PHM0314EBLP1Pop open a jar of La Bella Terre's pure botanical sugar and the phrase "gimme some sugar" takes on an intoxicating new meaning. Catch heady whiffs of bergamot, lavender, mint or cardamom, depending on which of the six flavors is near your nose.

The infused sugars are handmade in small batches by Valley entrepreneur Terri Nacke, a self-described "eco-ista," or "a person who cares where things come from and where they end up." Nacke studied aromatherapy for years, and when she decided to market her botanical sugars, she insisted on the integrity of the ingredients: certified organic pure cane sugar, herbs, spices and essential oils from garden plants.

Choose from Bergamot Lemon, Grapefruit Hibiscus, Lavender Provence, Mint Mélange, Rose Cognac, and our favorite, the musky, exotic Cardamom True. Stir a spoonful into hot tea; rim a cocktail glass; sprinkle on a batch of sugar cookies; or give as a hostess gift.

Find La Bella Terre botanical sugars at The Bodega in Scottsdale, Whole Foods, AJ's Fine Foods and online ($10 to $12.95 per jar).

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