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Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: April 2014
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Tasha Mehl looked at the five olive trees in her yard and got an idea, but first she needed to do some research. A handful of trees isn’t enough to harvest olives or press them for oil commercially, but what about the leaves? Long intrigued by the health benefits of plants and herbs, Mehl wondered if olive leaves had anything to contribute. Turns out, olive leaves are high in antioxidants. The taste is mild, carrying both sweet and bitter characteristics. Olive leaves aren’t known to produce any medical miracles, but when blended with other plants, herbs and spices, they make for a comforting cup of tea.

Tasha and her husband Joe formed the Olive Leaf Tea Company in 2010, packaging blended teas made from olive leaves harvested on their property. Tasha provided the tea expertise; Joe, a graphic artist, designed the eye-catching artwork on the packages. Choose from 10 different flavors – some herbal, some blended with red rooibos tea – including the newly-issued Red Currant, made with guayusa, a rainforest canopy tree with leaves high in caffeine. Our recommended flavors: Mint Condition, Vanilla Mate and Red Chai, available online, at farmers’ markets, and at the Bodega in Scottsdale and Bodega 420 in Phoenix. $9 for two ounces of loose leaf tea.

Olive Tea Company



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