Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: February 2013
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Is it toffee? No, but it’s similar. Is it brittle? Well, sort of, but not exactly. So what is it? This is the dilemma that faced Lisa Rast as she took her toffee-like, brittle-ish confection to the market in 2011.

“We started at farmers’ markets, and people would ask me, ‘What is it?’ and ‘nutwhats’ just seemed like the best description,” Rast says.

Nutwhats ($6) are buttery, slightly sweet, slightly crunchy and very nutty. On an addictive scale of one to 10, they rate an 11. There are more than 13 flavors, with a few new ones on the way. The Cinna Walnut Oat tastes similar to an oatmeal cookie smeared with butter and caramel. Jalapeño Beer and Habanero Beer “britty” are sweet and hot.

Nutwhat Scribbles are Nutwhats drizzled with chocolate. For bacon addicts, there’s Bacon Pecan Scribble. Our favorite, Peanut Pretzel Scribble, delivers that unmistakable salty pretzel crunch mashed up with peanuts and buttery caramel.

Order online or find Nutwhats at the Scottsdale, Gilbert and Ahwatukee farmers’ markets and at Smeeks and Urban Table.