Mesquite Chocolate Chip Cookie

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: November 2017
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Mesquite Chocolate Chip CookieMesquite trees surround us here in the Sonoran Desert, lining our streets and shading our yards. But would you know that by looking at our dinner plates? Though edible, the mesquite bean – sweet, earthy and nutritious – is, unfortunately, seldom used in cooking.

One notable exception: the mesquite chocolate chip cookie from Super Chunk Sweets & Treats in Old Town Scottsdale, which has expanded to become New Wave Market, an artisanal goods market.

Owner and pastry chef Country Velador uses Arizona-grown mesquite flour to create the dense, earthy cookie. Freed from their rigid pods, mesquite beans can be ground finely to create a meal that has more texture than wheat flour, plus more flavor, protein and calcium. While low on the glycemic index, it’s also inherently sweet – meaning little to no added sugar is needed when baking.

Velador dots the cookie ($2.24) with chunks of couverture chocolate, which is dark and luxuriously high in cocoa butter. The end result is a nuanced cookie that tastes vaguely of Ibarra Mexican chocolate and evokes our sunny Sonoran home – a true desert dessert.

7120 E. Sixth Ave., Scottsdale