This spicy chip dip is to die for.

Los Muertos Salsa

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: November 2016
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“Where chips go to die” is a tagline that’s equal parts corny and morbid. Corny because, after all, these are tortilla chips we’re talking about; and morbid because many of us know that wave of guilt that crests over a person after they single-handedly exterminate a bag of Tostitos in one sitting.

The silent accomplice here? If you ask the guys at Los Muertos, it’s delicious, flavorful salsa.

Owner Anthony Perez began selling his salsas two years ago at Phoenix Public Market. Something of a legend on the salsa festival circuit thanks to blue-ribbon performances at My Nana’s Best Tasting Salsa Challenge, Perez answered demand for his salsa with mild, hot and tomatillo versions made with roasted jalapeños and serranos, dried Mexican chiles and ripe tomatoes, blended to a perfect chip-dipping consistency. Perez has since added an “Effen Hot” release for the fearless, but the merely “hot” version will always be his flagship, occupying the perfect middle ground between chile flavor and pepper heat. Use it to speed the demise of eggs in any form, or stir it into Spanish rice as the grains finish cooking.

Los Muertos salsa ($6/12 oz.) can be found at close to a dozen farmers’ markets across the Valley. Find updated locations on the Los Muertos Facebook page.