RisingHy’s gourmet honey mustard brings the heat.

Gourmet Mustard

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: December 2016
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In the modern history of condiments, one has ruled supreme: ketchup.

But condiment consumption shouldn’t be a popularity contest, which boring old ketchup – ideally poised between tart and sweet for maximum taste-science appeal – always seems to win. Consider mustard. Playing catch-up to ketchup has forced the yellow-headed stepchild of the condiment world to evolve in exciting new directions: spicy whole seed, horseradish, beer-spiked and smooth, small-batch yellows, to name a few.

We’d be remiss to forget honey mustard – and Flagstaff specialty sauce startup RisingHy makes an excellent one. Formulated by owner Mike Konefal, a Northern Arizona University alum who switched to hot sauces, olive oils and spicy salts after a fruitless stint in beer brewing, Sweet Heat Honey Mustard is hardly the gloppy stuff of hot dog cookouts. It’s thin enough to be used as a glaze for meats or a light salad dressing. Try tossing it with fresh, peppery arugula or smearing some on a fried chicken sandwich.

Score some Sweet Heat Honey Mustard ($10 for 20 oz.) locally at a Natural Grocers location, or online at the RisingHy website.


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