Goldbrick Sundae

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: July 2012

In fact, Don & Charlie’s co-owner Don Carson used to pour the topping over a half gallon of vanilla ice cream and eat the whole thing. He doesn’t do that anymore, but once you taste Goldbrick, such excesses aren’t hard to imagine. The $5.99 goblet is a more reasonable portion, big enough to share, but you might not want to. Unlike other coating chocolates, this hardens without parafin or gums, so there isn’t a waxy mouthfeel. It relies on coconut oil.

Carson discovered the topping at a Florida restaurant in the ’70s. Smitten, he tracked it to a candy company called Elmer in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  When he moved to the Valley and opened Don & Charlie’s in 1981, the Goldbrick came with him. Try it. You’ll be smitten, too.

Don & Charlie’s
7501 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale