Frank & Albert’s Condiments

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: September 2012

Developing the tarragon mustard was an exercise in compromise. “I like spicy, and Conor likes texture and floral notes,” Sicolo says. Dijon mustard and horseradish are Sicolo’s contributions, and whole grain mustard plus the honey and tarragon are Favre’s additions. Both agreed on the amber ale infusion. And you’ll agree it’s terrific on the restaurant’s French dip. At home, smear it on a turkey sandwich, or use it to elevate an egg salad.

Their chipotle ketchup has a hint of orange and smoke, plus a subtle kick. “It took 25 times to get it right,” Sicolo says, “and in the end, the last recipe was the most simple of all.” The kitchen slathers the ketchup on meatloaf, and pours it in a dish alongside a tower of white cornmeal-crusted onion rings.

Purchase the condiments at the restaurant, or at the coffee shop in the courtyard of the Arizona Biltmore. $5 each.

Frank & Albert’s
2400 E. Missouri Ave., Phoenix
(Arizona Biltmore)