Taste the beautiful booze-dessert fusion of Grand Marnier Mascarpone gelato.

Doc's Artisan Ice Creams

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: September 2016
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Booze and dessert are old drinking buddies. You’ll find the duo paired both in confections (a rum-raisin bundt cake, a flambéed crêpe Suzette) and libations (a minty grasshopper milkshake, some brandy-spiked eggnog). Grand Marnier, the bitter orange-flavored Cognac, is a natural in either category. Doc Brown, the man behind Doc’s Artisan Ice Creams in Tempe, uses the French spirit to flavor an ice cream that holds its liquor: Grand Marnier Mascarpone gelato.

Doc starts completely from scratch – a gelato base made from milk, cream and sugar cane juice that he pasteurizes himself. Doused with the orange liqueur and speckled with fresh citrus zest, the decadent and creamy dessert is reminiscent of an orange Creamsicle Popsicle – with a twist. While it can certainly be served neat, topping a scoop with drunken cherries or an additional drizzle of Grand Marnier from the bottle could be a drinking decision worth remembering. 

You can find Doc’s Artisan Ice Creams at a number of restaurants and shops in town, but the best place to get scoops and pints of Grand Marnier Mascarpone ($7.50/pint) is at the gelato cabinet inside of Doc’s Artisan Ice Creams’ production space in South Tempe. 

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