Cool Gelato Italiano

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: August 2012
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Made in small batches with a tidy list of ingredients, Cool Gelato Italiano offers 24 flavors, both creamy and dairy-free. The flavors change seasonally, but expect fruit-based concoctions such as cantaloupe and watermelon, and mainstay cream flavors like Nutella crunch, classic stracciatella (with pieces of milk and dark chocolate), and an exquisite Sicilian pistachio ($1 upcharge).

Cool Gelato Italiano uses only milk – no cream or eggs – and does not aerate the mixture, as do ice cream makers. Therefore, it has a silkier mouth feel than premium ice cream but contains less fat and fewer calories. So go ahead – get that extra scoop guilt-free. $3.50/small; $4.50/medium; $5.50/large.

Cool Gelato Italiano
7373 E. Scottsdale Mall, Scottsdale
480-941-3100 •

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