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Cocktail Ice

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: December 2017
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Artisan Ice’s crystal-clear cubes will rock your cocktail.

They say you’ll never find clarity in the bottom of a cocktail glass. Maybe so, but thanks to a pair of Phoenix mixology veterans, you can now find it in the hunk of ice in your Old Fashioned.

Some explanation: Clear ice is a difficult trick to pull off for most bars. It requires an in-house ice expert who uses filtered water – frozen just so, to eliminate air bubbles – to create solid, clear ice blocks that can be chiseled down into cubes that fit snugly into rocks glasses. The advantage, beyond appearance, is that artisan ice melts slower – at a glacial pace, so to speak – preserving the potency and flavor of your premium whiskey or cocktail while cooling the heck out of it.

In lieu of starting their own ice programs, many bars in large cocktail cities outsource the work to specialists, who deliver pre-cut cubes in bulk. Enter Artisan Ice, the brainchild of industry vets Brian Goodwin and Kurtis Williams, whose work you might know from The Gladly, where both have slung drinks. With an eye toward holiday hosting, Artisan offers 25-packs of racquetball-size cubes ($30/pack) available for pickup at The Gladly in the Biltmore area, Citizen Public House in Old Town Scottsdale, and at Magnum’s Cigars Wine & Liquor in North Phoenix.

“People’s eyes go wide when you serve those at home,” Goodwin says. “It really is the best way to drink spirits and strong cocktails.”


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