AZ Pops wows with new flavors like lavender berry lemonade and goat milk balsamic fig.

AZ Pops' New Flavors

Written by Shelby Moore Category: Local Products Issue: October 2016
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Blue Raspberry, Dragonberry, Hawaiian Punch and Razzleberry — these were the imaginary flavors that resided in frozen food aisles when most of us achieved popsicle consciousness. And if that’s where your popsicle consciousness ended, you’ll be floored by Pamela Raphael’s bountiful selection of natural, made-from-scratch popsicles at AZ Pops, which has expanded to storefront locations in Uptown Phoenix and Arcadia.

Customers love her complex, sweet-and-sour tamarind popsicle, but she also has dozens of newcomers: summer melon tarragon, cantaloupe raspberry, goat milk balsamic fig – and her pop-de-résistance, the lavender berry lemonade. The layered pop begins with tart, lavender-spiked frozen lemonade, yielding to chunks of frozen blackberries and raspberries, and a layer of slightly earthy prickly pear juice. As part of her commitment to local sourcing, Raphael is known to hand-pick prickly pears from the nearby desert.

Visit one of her shops, and she might also regale you with stories about her week, biking her popsicle cart to and from school events amidst monsoon showers.

Due to their low sugar content, the pops please adults and kids in equal measure. Check the website to find a full list of  flavors ($3 each) and retail locations.

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