What Fall? We're Still Eating Ice Cream Sandwiches in Phoenix

Written by Jessie Martin Category: Lists Issue: October 2016
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Courtesy Wikimedia CommonsAs the rest of the country breaks out the pumpkin spice lattes and wool-lined leggings, we Arizonans are still basking in the last vestiges of the summer sun. But with the temperatures dropping any day now, and the bikini trend with them, now is the perfect time to try summer’s best desert: the ice cream sandwich. And these aren't your garden variety, freezer section sammies with humdrum vanilla between vaguely-chocolatey wafers we're talking 'bout...

You won’t be stuck eating a regular chocolate chip cookie here. With cookie flavors from Oatmeal Apricot Cranberry to Kitchen Sink, Churn offers both cookie and ice cream flavors that are unique and innovative. If you don’t feel like a sandwich, you can always put your scoop of envelope-pushing ice cream in a pretzel cone.
5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix

Sweet Republic
Grab a chocolate chip sandwich filled with your choice of artisanal ice cream, with exotic flavors such as Cabernet Pear Sorbet, Peaberry Expresso and Mayan Chocolate. For a little extra sugar, you can add one of Sweet Republic’s signature toasted marshmallows to top it off.
6054 N. 16th St.,Phoenix

Ice Cream Sammies
Made with “doses of love and happiness,” this open kitchen concept allows you to see your ice cream sammie, both the ice cream and cookie components, made fresh right in front of you. Each sandwich is made with a scoop of ice cream and two freshly baked cookies, or a Bosa doughnut.
135 W. Boston St.,Chandler

Baked Bear
Started in San Diego, Baked Bear specializes in making frozen sandwiches with a variety of ice cream delivery menthods. Think: original-recipe cookies, brownies, doughnuts, or a combination.
420 South Mill Ave., Tempe

Down the street from Baked Bear, Slickables has been serving Downtown Tempe “Sandwiches that are Lickable” since 2011. A cooling off for your tastebuds and your wallet, $2 ice cream sandwiches are hard to beat when it’s 110 degrees outside.
600 S. Mill Ave., Tempe