Drinks Around the Valley to Get You Through Flu Season

Written by Jessie Martin Category: Lists Issue: November 2016
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Flu season is upon us, which means constant reminders to get a flu shot and copious amounts of Kleenex and chicken noodle soup. Although fixing yourself yet another cup of Theraflu isn't a bad idea, sometimes at-home remedies just don’t cut it. For those who have gone through too many cups of tea, here are some alternate solutions to sooth your cold and boost your immune system.

Wild Tonic Kombucha on tap at Whole Foods. Photo by Jessie Martin.Wild Tonic Kombucha
Whole Foods

A relatively new health trend, Kombucha is quickly becoming popular for both its unique flavor and health benefits. Filled with probiotics and organic acids, Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink created with a mixture of tea and sweetener. Jun Kombucha, the type created by Wild Tonic is fermented with honey instead of sugar, giving the drink a lighter flavor.

Several Valley locations

Flu Shot
Kaleidoscope Juice

Aptly named, this concoction of herbs, fruits and oils will shock your system (and your taste buds). A combination of turmeric root, garlic, ginger, cayenne, lemon, green apple and oil of oregano, this tiny bottle of nutrients truly might be as effective as a flu shot.

1 N. 1st St., Phoenix (3 other Valley locations)

Hot Toddy

For a drink that will have a little more thrust than your typical tea or juice, pay attention to your grandma's claim (or maybe it's just mine?) that a drop of whiskey each night clears a cold right out of your system. One-up Grandma with a Hot Toddy from Windsor: Made with bourbon stirred into hot water with lemon and honey, this strong drink is sure to kick your cold.

5233 N. Central Ave., Phoenix

Chai Tea
Coffee Cartel Lab

Normally thought of as a sweet, winter-flavored beverage, chai actually has many herbs that are medicinally potent. A mixture of black tea, ginger, clove, cardamom and black pepper, the distinctive flavor of this drink can elicit many health benefits. If nothing else, this spicy drink will leave you soothed and energized.

225 W. University Dr. #101, Tempe (other Valley locations)

Chamomile Cooler
True Food

A more soothing alternative to a Hot Toddy, this alcoholic version of a soothing juice will do exactly that. Made with clover, honey, chamomile infused gin and sliced orange, this drink is a perfect blend of remedying herbs and relaxing flavors.

15191 N. Scottsdale Rd. #101, Scottsdale