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Arizona State Fair Food Checklist

Category: Lists Issue: October 2016
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Some go for the naseau/adrenaline-inducing rides. Some go for the chance to win a massive Scooby Doo. Others go to pet the cows and llamas. Everyone goes for the food. The Arizona State Fair is in its first full week and crazy-food lovers won't be disappointed by this year's concessions offerings. There's the normal fare of funnel cakes and fry bread of course, but for the more daring, there's plenty to give your tastebuds their very own ride on the whirligig. Read on for a rundown of the sweetest, messiest and whackiest grub at the fair. 

Sweetest Treat
Selfie Snowcone
This jumbo-sized snowcone brings a whole new meaning to “playing with your food.” Topped with lollypops, sour candies and cotton candy, this miniature candy mountain was made for selfies. If you ever put the camera down, enjoy this delicious treat with a couple friends.

Messiest Food
Flaming Cheetos Corn on the Cob
If you thought regular corn on the cob was a recipe for sticky fingers, try covering the buttery snack with crushed flaming hot Cheetos and you have yourself a mess just waiting to happen. This “Bacon A-Fairs” special will have even the cleanest eater sprinting for napkins.

Bang For Your Buck
Foodie Friday $2
Wallet running empty from all the exciting rides and games at the fair? On Fridays, Oct. 14, 21 and 28, from 12 to 6 p.m., the Arizona State Fair is hosting its “Taste of the Fair Foodie Friday” where dozens of foods all across the area are being sold for a measly two dollars. From deep fried mac & cheese at “Big Bri’s” to frozen bananas at “H&M Concessions,” Foodie Friday will satisfy any type of budget.

Freaky Fried Food
Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Roll
Just when you thought every single food possible had been placed in a fryer and indulged upon, “Sweet Cheeks” is doubling down with a delicious deep fried chocolate covered cinnamon roll. This fair exclusive combines a crispy outside with a gooey inside for tastebud overload.

Crazy Combo
Dragon Wings
Can’t decide whether you’re feeling American or Chinese food for dinner? Why not both? The Dragon Wings combine two cultural food staples by dipping twice-fried bone-in chicken wings in orange sauce and wrapping it all in an egg roll for good measure. Sold at the “Egg Roll on a Stick” vendor, the wacky combination is also part of the two dollar “Foodie Friday” deal.