What’s in Your… Phone with Mark Tarbell

Written by Angelina Aragon Category: Lifestyle Issue: January 2018
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What’s in Your… Phone with Mark Tarbell 

Thoughts on the delectable wine app?
“I love the Delectable app,” says the Valley celeb chef (Tarbell’s Restaurant, PBS’ Check, Please!). “It’s great to see what my friends are drinking. It’s fun to share the special bottles we get to experience.”

Hottest app in your phone?
“The app that gets the most use is Guitar Tuna, or maybe iTunes,” Tarbell laughs. An avid guitar player, Tarbell uses the digital tuning tool when relaxing or gigging with local all-star band Nate Nathan and the Mac Daddy-O’s. “I’ve also played live with – and I pinch myself here – Kris Kristofferson, Alice Cooper, Nils Lofgren and Scotty Johnson.”

Vacay Photos
Tarbell’s camera roll is currently filled with shots from a recent trip to New York City. Here, he picks fish from famed seafood spot Milos.

Favorite Twitter follower?
“It would have to be either Chef Michel Nischan, who is doing some great work with Wholesome Wave, or Randall Grahm, a nut, winemaker, world traveler [and] genius.”

What’s on your lock screen?
“Lonnie and Muhammad Ali [are/were] friends of the family. They love having kids around, so when our kids were young we would go and visit. Muhammad said that children are angels sent from heaven. This is my daughter in his arms. Oh, and sometimes I would bring some snacks.”

Uh, your Inbox is looking a little full there...  
“The number of e-mails used to bother me,” Tarbell says. “Now [once a month], I go back and review old e-mails to make sure I didn’t miss anyone. It’s a mix of personal and business. I don’t sign up for many newsletters – we do for the restaurant and the team collectively looks at them.”